Farm Contract Osrs

If you`re an avid player of Old School RuneScape, you`ve probably come across the term “farm contract” at some point. But what exactly is a farm contract, and how can you benefit from it?

In essence, a farm contract is a daily task that involves growing and harvesting crops for a farmer in exchange for rewards. These contracts can be obtained from various farmers throughout Gielinor, with different tasks and rewards available depending on your level and farming experience.

To start a farm contract, you`ll need to speak to a participating farmer and select a contract from their list of available tasks. Once you`ve accepted a contract, you`ll have a certain amount of time (usually between 40-80 minutes) to complete it before it expires.

The tasks themselves vary in difficulty and duration, ranging from simple tasks like harvesting wheat to more advanced tasks like breeding dragons. In general, the more difficult the task, the greater the reward you`ll receive upon completion.

So why bother with farm contracts in the first place? For one, they offer a great way to level up your farming skill and earn some extra cash. But beyond that, they also offer a unique gameplay experience that can help break up the monotony of other activities in the game.

Moreover, by completing farm contracts, you`ll also have the chance to earn unique rewards like seed packs, farming outfits, and other goodies that are exclusive to the contracts system.

Whether you`re a seasoned farmer or just starting out, farm contracts are definitely worth checking out in Old School RuneScape. So the next time you`re looking for a new challenge in the game, consider accepting a contract and see where it takes you!

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